Dating Service Provider Lunch Actually obtains Setipe of Indonesian Startup


Recently, Singapore- based dating services provider Lunch Actually Group has captured Indonesian startup Setipe. But the value of the purchase was not disclosed. So hereafter, the Indonesian startup comes under the control of the group’s stable of brands which include Lunch Actually, Esync, LunchClick and Lunch Actually Academy. The CEO of Setipe will also head the Lunch Actually Group’s Indonesian operations. With Setipe’s intelligence of local dating culture and the brand recall has about thirteen years of experience and the proven dating offerings. The company is having the confidence that they can grow the business to an unprecedented level in Indonesia.

This Setipe which was started in the year 2013, and it brags over eight lakhs members and over two hundred documented marriages. The service is well equipped with a personality profiling and the matchmaking engine was developed by the experts in order to connect the singles that match. The Setipe members mainly compromise of the working professionals who give more importance to privacy and the confidentiality. According to a recent report, after several years of operation Setipe has achieved its growth to its peak level. The real fact is that the offline services play a larger role due to the act of the limited internet access and Indonesia’s low credit card infiltration rates.

The Lunch Actually Group have bought a good value to the company’s achievement by increasing the vast experience, regional access integrated with the Setipe and hence providing an inclusive portfolio of dating services from both offline and online matchmaking including the mobile dating app as well as the date caching services. Lunch Actually was actually launched in the year 2004 by a couple named Jamie Lee and Violet Lim. The eventually the operations moved on to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

It has more than half a million members in its combined database and has arranged more than ninety-three thousand dates. After its initialization, the company’s revenue has been growing by thirty to fifty percent per year and hence making it is one of the largest dating agencies in Southeast Asia. The group has also recently announced collusion with the Japanese internet dating firm Diverse Co in order to launch a premium dating service in Tokyo. Recently, Lunch Actually quoted a series of investment from the Japanese social network Mixi and Fatfish Internet Group. The Financial terms of the cash investment were not revealed.

The Dating apps in the regional part seem to have entered a phase of consolidation following the merger between two groups namely Singapore-based Paktor and Taiwanese 17 Media. It is said to be that Paktor stands at the top of the dating platforms in Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. It is one of the best-funded dating apps in the region. The user base strength is about fifty million of the combined app.

The Singapore-based dating service provider Lunch Actually Group has acquired the matchmaking service named MeetNLunch mainly for the professionals and the amount was not revealed. The fact is that Lunch Actually’s incursion will help to grow the industry’s growth. It has also acquired the dating app named Love Out Loud. The Thai dating service has more than two lakhs members in its combined database and has arranged around ten thousand dates.


Similar to that of the Lunch Actually, MeetNLunch clientele comprises a group of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other financially stable and good working minded professionals. Most of the professionals who have been sued to outsourcing the different aspects of the lives to the financial advisors and more who prefer to work with the professional matchmakers more than that of their personal lives. MeetNLunch also owns the well established mobile dating app namely Available with a database of over one lakhs users. Lunch Actually Group launched its dating app in the year 2015, named LunchClick which is able to benefit from the MeetNLunch’s well expertise and experience in the field of mobile dating app industry.

With this captivation, MeetNLunch and Available will come under the Lunch Actually Group of brands including Lunch Actually, LunchClick etc. In the future, the group will mount its various product offerings into the Thai Market. Till present, the Lunch actually Group has around four lakhs members in its combined database and has arranged more than forty thousand dates.

A recent report says that the group’s cash revenue grow by more than fifty percent and hit a new revenue milestone of five million dollars making it one of the biggest dating agency in Southeast Asia. The Company viewed the potential for synergy in both respective businesses and the company cultures in order to integrate both companies successfully in the merger. Though this acquisition have an instant access to the growing singles market in Thailand and this will bring closer to the position as the biggest dating player in the Southeast Asian region and increase the goal of creating ten lakhs marriages.

The dating business expanded into Jakarta in October in the year 2014. The dating and the matchmaking services are extremely demanded in Thailand and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace. One of the major factors that helped MeetNLunch achieve the amount of the success is the ability to recognize and satisfy the needs of singles and pivot the products and services accordingly. The MeetNLunch has been in Business since the year 2006 and it is highly regarded in its home market for its professionalism.

Lunch Actually, a venture which offers a wave of dating apps and service has closed a series an investment from the Japanese social network and Fatfish Internet Group. The Financial terms of the cash investment were are not revealed. There are three types of dating-related services such as Esync which is a popular website known for its matchmaking. The Dating consultancy service Lunch Actually and the LunchClick which connects the folks over meals.

Claiming a database of more than five lakhs members and about seven thousand dates facilitates on its platform and mainly focuses on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The latest investments will expand towards the new markets with their destinations of Australia and Japan. The Applied Ventures typically invests between five lakhs dollars and three million dollars per round and has made funding worth of about fifty million dollars annually. Most of the invested companies are the US based on the semiconductors, wireless energy, and others.

The latest round of funding will allow Paktor combatively grow the brand in the locations of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc. There is a great potential beyond the Southeast Asia and Taiwan for the brand. The company has become the largest social dating platform in the current market. It has continued to grow the position in the existing markets and increase the funds in order to turn the attention outside of the region.

The expansion process presents the great challenges and the opportunity has been increased to become the top dating brand globally. With the addition of the dating apps there are also opening up challenges for the field of marketing and advertising and also the revenue generation channels are also possible. The feature has mainly enabled users to connect and interact with the like-minded individuals.

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