4 Things your Everyday Jewelry should be

I really like everyday jewelry, but what does everyday jewelry really mean? Everyday jewelry is jewelry that goes with everything in your closet. The thought that one piece of jewelry can go with everything can sound unappealing, but the truth is it is very appealing. It frees you to wear a variety of looks and keep the basics.

Necklace handmade Everyday Jewelry fashion 2017

    1. Simple. Everyday jewelry is simple; it is sweet enough to be the throw back that you can always depend on. Your everyday piece of jewelry is like those jeans that you look amazing in.
    2. Special. Your everyday piece of jewelry needs to have something special. Special to you could be the color, a mix in textures or a unique length. Pick your special thing and you can pick the perfect piece.

Fashion Plaza Tibet Hand Crafted - Leather Bracelet

    1. Quality. Your everyday necklace doesn’t have to last forever but it does have to make it through your daily routine. One thing I hate thinking about is, am I going to lose my ring or bracelet. With your everyday jewelry you shouldn’t have to think about things like that. Your delicate statement necklace or bracelet should be comfortable for your life.

handmade Everyday Jewelry necklace and the sterling silver chain

  1. Pretty. Sounds easy but your everyday jewelry should be pretty. Your everyday piece of jewelry should actually make a statement, although simple people should notice it.

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